Wanna Vent?

Because sometimes a therapist is too formal


Have you ever had a bad hour, day, week or month? Have you ever had troubles with your friendships or romantic relationships? Have you ever simply wanted to yell for a few minutes and get some stress out? Does a trained therapist seem like overkill?

If so, then you're not alone. Most people feel this way on a daily basis but not many people have an outlet for these normal frustrations. No matter the topic, big or small, serious or trivial, sometimes you need vent to somebody out loud. We're here to listen free of judgement.

10-Minute Venting Session

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I was having trouble working through my biggest fears with relationships. I didn't want to worry my mom and this helped.

Christy C., San Antonio, TX

Honestly, I just wanted to get my anger out for 10 minutes. Felt great.

Amanda E., Raleigh, NC

I wasn't struggling in a bad way, but just in a way that I knew I couldn't turn to my family or friends without being embarrassed. Wanna Vent allowed to get things off my chest without feeling insecure.

Dave P., Boston, MA

I felt like talking about a friend that I was jealous of and didn't want any backlash from it. 

Lindsey D., Los Angeles, CA

I was having a very bad day and needed to talk to somebody. I need to GET THINGS OUT.

Kenesha K., Boston, MA

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